About GSI

GSI, partner of all your projects.

GSI is a company specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of innovative vending machines. Our goal is to build an intelligent 24-hour distribution system that is flexible and easy to use, capable of adapting to packaging, dimensions and weight of all types.

Continuous innovation

Since its inception, GSI has never stopped investing in research and innovation. Product and service innovation: Traditional and online distribution channels are evolving at a very high speed. Customers are always asking for more 24/7 solutions, personalized services and options. In order to meet the demands of our customers, we focus on the design of products integrating personalized cloud services. To meet these demands, continuous innovation is:

Mutual growth

We firmly believe that our growth is based on mutual success. Our intelligent and universal distribution solutions help our customers to grow, which allows us to ensure our success. But this could not be done without a great community of partners and a great mutual trust.

Confidence in teamwork:
Close collaboration :

Our business partners, electronics engineers, technicians, administrative and support staff work hand in hand and are there to offer you quality service and a unique experience. We are working on preparing 24/7 support access through our community portal. This one is currently in an advanced construction phase and we hope they will be available very soon. By partnering with business partners, IT partners, support partners and specialists in industrial design and production, we aim to offer a unique solution, with one goal: the satisfaction of our customers. This is what we do, all day, every day.

Why invest in an vending machine?

Automatic Distribution knows how to meet the current needs of consumers. It seeks immediate satisfaction, fast, anytime, anywhere and above all easy to access. Changes in employment towards more tertiarisation and above all, consumption moving more towards "snacking" make vending machines essential everyday tools. These new services, more and more offered, are adapted to the evolution of our society and are improving day by day. Previously focused on food, vending machines have now diversified. As a result, they are now able to adapt to almost any work activity. They are suitable for all types of food and non-food products such as textiles, flowers, hygiene products, newspapers, goodies, leisure items, DIY products, etc.

What are the advantages of owning vending machine ?

A profitable investment: By owning a vending machine, you make money for sure, because you attract a larger audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the need for premises and staff.

Innovative equipment at your service: In recent years, technology has evolved considerably. As a result, consumers are seeking to simplify their daily lives, particularly with regard to means of payment. Indeed, card payment and contactless have become automatic for everyone. But not only, the fact of paying by QR codes, remotely ... is developing more and more and is consistent with the new technologies present in vending machines.

Ease and speed: Thanks to technological advances, the equipment has moved to touch, in order to offer you, your company and / or your customers a better experience and ergonomics. You can communicate more effectively by posting information, advertising messages, videos on your vending machine (s).

Vending machines in figures:

5 billion euros are spent each year by employees for lunch.

More than 90% of French people say they buy from a vending machine at least once a week.

Almost 75% of consumers prefer to buy products to consume during the week.

At least 1 in 3 employees skip breakfast or the lunch break, unless he / she has access to a DA (Automatic Distributor) close to his workplace.

80% of people admit to slowing down and feeling hungry in the middle of the afternoon and say that having a snack makes the rest of the day easier for them.

8 out of 10 French people prefer to buy from an attractive distributor rather than stand in line at a bakery.

Of the 700,000 devices available in France, more than half are used by companies, which therefore remain the primary market.

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