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SHOPS24 - Console de commande + écran tactile 10,6''

SHOPS24 - 10.6 '' Touchscreen Control Console

The SHOPS24 control console with small touch screen

Product codes:
SHOP24CT10I00C847908 with Ingenico IUC180B contactless CB reader
SHOP24CT10N00C847908 with Nayax contactless CB reader
SHOP24CT10Y00C847908 with Yoneo contactless CB reader
SHOP24CT10V00C857908 with contactless and contactless CB reader Valina

The SHOPS24 control console with 10.6-inch touchscreen is easy to use. The console can connect 4 locker slave modules. Ideal solution for customers wishing to connect racks for ambient and / or refrigerated products.

The console includes in its basic configuration a bank card reader and a slot for an optional receipt printer. Coin mechanism with change and banknote reader accepting optional meal vouchers (to be specified when ordering).

SHOPS24 command consoles can become great vectors of communication by adding a personalized adhesive decoration.

The console is supplied with an inverter protecting against overvoltages and micro-cuts in the electrical network.

How to use

Detailed operation of the SHOPS24 control console with 10.6 '' touchscreen

Product consultation on slave modules attached to the SHOPS24 console or directly on the console's touch screen.
The customer chooses a product by clicking on an image on the console.
the amount to be paid is displayed on the screen
Payment of the order by contactless bank card.
The customer retrieves his product from the slave module.

ATTENTION: Purchasing decisions of GSI products by customers can only be made on the characteristics of the products and not on the projects under development). For more information please contact GSI.

Key points

  • Control console with 10.6-inch touchscreen
  • Ideal solution for connecting rack modules for ambient and / or refrigerated products
  • Allows connection of up to 4 slave modules.
  • 24/7 accessibility.


White SHOPS24 console, 10.6 '' touch screen with choice of contactless bank card reader.

- Simple sales functions.
- QR code reader included.
- Dimension (mm): (L): 300 (P): 280 (H): 1920.
- Net weight: 85kg. Gross weight: 90kg. Certificate: CE Color: white.
- Voltage: 100-240 volts and 50/60 Hz (to be specified when ordering).
- Power consumption: 120 watts.
- Robust all-steel metal structure with white epoxy anticorrosion paint.
- Modular design for easy maintenance.
- Personalization with adhesives possible.
- Optional coin mechanism and banknote reader.
- Inverter protecting against overvoltages and micro cuts of the electrical network included.
- Optional receipt printer.
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