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LOCKERS24 - Module de 8 casiers réfrigérés

LOCKERS24 - Module of 8 refrigerated compartments

Refrigerated cabinet with two large glass doors. 2 columns of 4 racks, for a total of 8 secure refrigerated racks. Temperature adjustable from 2 ° C to 8 ° C.

Ref: LOCKERS24FP08C886908

Structure: Refrigerated cabinet in stainless steel. LOCKERS24 steel lockers with white anti-corrosion epoxy powder coating. The refrigerated cabinet doors close automatically after each use. LOCKERS24 refrigerated lockers are all equipped with electronic double strikes for enhanced security against vandalism. LOCKERS24 furniture is mounted on adjustable feet.

Refrigeration: The refrigeration unit is installed on the upper part of the cabinet and has easy access. Non-flammable R513a refrigerant gas. Excellent thermodynamic properties and in compliance with the convention against greenhouse gases with very low GWP of 632 (against a GWP of 1300 for R134). Safety classification A1 group L1.

Use: LOCKERS24 refrigerated lockers are the ideal solution for food shops, restaurants, supermarkets, farms, campsites, offices, etc ... wishing to sell food products in refrigerated secure lockers. Perfect for storing all types of food.

Remote access: The products of the LOCKERS24, SHOPS24, ROBOMAT24 and WENDY24 ranges can be combined together and are all accessible on the CLOUD GSI24 platform. LOCKERS24 lockers can be controlled by all master modules of the SHOPS24, ROBOMAT24 and FROZEN24 ranges

How to use

The refrigerated cabinet is cooled by the air compressor, using fresh air instead of direct cooling, which is more energy efficient. The temperature in each locker is uniform. The compartments are pierced on all sides with circular cells so that the air can circulate freely. The cooling air is produced by a top-to-bottom circulation system. The air compressor has temperature detection. When the temperature exceeds the set temperature, the air compressor will automatically turn on until the temperature reaches the set value, then it forms a closed loop inside the cabinet to keep the set temperature between 2 and 8 ° C.

Key points

  • Exterior structure in stainless steel and polyurethane panel.
  • Structure of the lockers in powder-coated steel with anti-corrosion white epoxy paint.
  • LED lighting.
  • Tempered glass doors, anti condensation.
  • Non-flammable compressor (R513a gas). Low GWP.


LOCKERS24 refrigerated cabinet with positive cold 8 refrigerated racks

- 2 columns of 4 compartments each.
- External dimensions (mm): (W) 1260 x (D) 730 x (H) 2130
- Internal dimensions of the compartments (mm): (L) 500 x (D) 550 x (H) 330
- Temperature (2 ° ~ 8 ° C).
- Net weight: <200 kg.
- Gross weight: xxx kg.
- Certificate: CE, REACH, RHOS.
- Color of the refrigerated cabinet: white
- Locker color: white
- White illuminated sign with GSI logo or customer's personalized logo.
- Voltage: 220V / 50HZ (standard French plug).
- Electricity consumption: xxx W / day.

Common characteristics of LOCKERS24 cabinets:

- Robust structure of the refrigerated cabinet in 1mm thick steel
- Walls with 48mm polyurethane foam insulation. Perfect insulation allows precise control and display of temperatures with less than 1 ° C error tolerance.
- Double glazed door with aluminum structure, anti-condensation with electric heating resistances.
- Ventilated cold with auto-defrost function.
- Refrigerant gas: R513a non-flammable. Excellent thermodynamic properties and in compliance with the convention against greenhouse gases with very low GWP of 632 (against a GWP of 1300 for R134). Safety classification A1 group L1.
- Adjustable temperature from 2 ° C to 8 ° C.
- Digital temperature control thermostat. Historical cold chain data are automatically saved and can be exported to a spreadsheet in the event of a health check.
- Thermostat with function for sending an email alert in the event of a break in the cold chain.
- Refrigerated cabinet mounted on 4 feet.
- Optimized product display with LED lighting.
- Modular construction (possibility of connecting up to 4 refrigerated units to a SHOPS24 control console
- Product designed for indoor use. For all outdoor use, please provide a suitable shelter.
- Requires a 220 volt outlet.
- Packed in a wooden case.

ACCORDING TO SPECIFICATIONS: creation of made-to-measure refrigerated racks from 10 units. For more information please contact GSI.
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