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SMARTPARK - Module esclave de 8 casiers (S)

SMARTPARK - Slave module with 8 compartments (S)

Module with 8 small compartments (S). Depth 1300mm.

Product code: PARKESC08C1300.

In a world where the problems of urban mobility, congestion and pollution of cities are at the heart of debates, sustainable solutions for the management of mobility flows and the fight against pollution are sought by public and private actors specializing in the organization of transport. The development of cycling and new modes of mobility is all the more essential since it contributes to the implementation of effective sustainable mobility policies aimed at improving air quality and combating climate change and offers a significant gain in terms of public health. The SMARTPARK range is the ecological and sustainable solution of modular intelligent car parks combining both recharging and securing of bicycles and new electric mobility devices in sturdy lockers.

SMARTPARK smart and secure car parks have been designed to regulate the parking and securing of bicycles and new urban electric mobility vehicles. The small lockers (size S) optimize the parking of small mobility devices such as hoverboards, gyroroues, electric skateboards and foldable electric scooters. The medium lockers (size M) can accommodate classic electric scooters, gyropods and folding bikes. Finally, the large lockers (size XL) can accommodate large electric mobility devices such as electric bikes and electric scooters.

The specificity and strength of SMARTPARK smart car parks lie in their great modularity and ease of use. Available in a version connected to the urban electricity grid or in a stand-alone version with solar panels, they can be installed both indoors and outdoors and are fully waterproof.

SMARTPARK smart and secure car parks can be delivered either with one-off bookings management software and connected to the national reservation management platform obwrecharge.com, or delivered with locker rental software in the form of modular subscriptions.

Thanks to close collaboration with Schneider Electric, the lockers are equipped with avant-garde electrical and electronic components, combining security and connectivity. Each locker is equipped with a vandal-proof electrical outlet (IP55), a connected circuit breaker and tools for detailed analysis of electricity consumption. Each car park is protected against lightning, micro-cuts, surges and is equipped with temperature sensors and fire detectors. Schneider electrical switchboards, coupled with Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure ™ Facility Expert maintenance program, make it possible to monitor energy consumption, receive instant alerts in the event of a problem, generate maintenance reports with a single click, etc. SMARTPARK connected car parks are accessible on any smartphone.

SMARTPARK secure intelligent car parks facilitate intermodal practices, combining cycling, new modes of urban mobility and public transport. Positioned near cycle lanes, train stations, metro stations, bus stops, shopping centers, offices, sports complexes, universities, residential areas, etc., SMARTPARK smart and secure car parks meet the expectations of users and public actors and private companies responsible for urban mobility today and tomorrow.

Intermodality between bicycles, new electric mobility and public transport is no longer a dream but a reality with smart and secure SMARTPARK car parks.

How to use

User manual for single-use reservation:
(Before using our services, you must first create an account and make an online reservation)

Storage of your mobility device:
a - Press the "Store" button.
b - Choose your locker format.
c - Enter the 6-digit code received by email.

Recovery of your mobility device:
a - Press the “Retrieve” button.
b - Enter the same 6-digit code received by email.
c - The door opens. Remove your gear and close the locker door.
You have exceeded the reservation time:
Please pay by credit card, a receipt will be sent to you by email. The door opens, remove your gear and close the locker door.

User manual for rental with subscription:
1. The administrator provides the customer with a code and / or badge valid throughout the rental period.
2. The customer identifies himself by entering his code or scanning his badge to access the locker.
3. The customer has unlimited access to his locker during the rental period.

Manual for field technician:
The on-site technician has access only to the locker opening functions. It has a specific code for opening all lockers and a code for opening a specific locker. It can clear the password (s) with an 8-digit combination. It can also check the history of locker usage.

Administrator manuals:
1 on-site administrator manual with the following functions:
- Locker settings.
- Network settings.
- Manual unlocking of lockers.
- Update of the operating system.
- Creation / modification of passwords.

1 remote administrator manual (Cloud):
- Usage statistics, turnover, etc ...
- Remote control of lockers (opening, locking, unlocking ...).
- Setting of the dimensions of the compartments.
- Creation and modification of sites.
- Delete one or more user passwords.
- Check the specific use of lockers.

Key points

  • Secure and connected smart parking.
  • Possibility of connecting up to 60 additional lockers.
  • Large choice of locker modules.
  • Meets the parking needs of bicycles and new urban mobility devices.
  • Installation and maintenance throughout mainland France and DOM TOM.
  • National online reservation platform.
  • Many customization options.


Slave module with 8 small compartments (S) from the SMARTPARK range:
The SMARTPARK range offers 3 dimensions of lockers (S, M and XL):
- Small lockers (S): hoverboards, gyroroues, mountainboards (electric skateboards) and foldable scooters.
- Medium lockers (M): Segways, folding bikes and classic electric scooters.
- Large lockers (XL): bicycles and electric scooters.
- External dimensions of the module (mm): (L): 1554 x (D): 1300 x (H): 1993.
- Dimensions of the 8 small compartments (S) (mm): (L): 672 x (D): 1280 x (H): 460.
- Gross weight: XXX kg / Net weight: XXX kg.
- Certificate: CE.
- Voltage: 100-240 volts and 50/60 Hz (to be specified when ordering).
- Delivered in a wooden box on a pallet.
Other characteristics:
- Must be connected to a SMARTPARK master module with Android operating system.
- 1.0mm steel structure.
- 2mm steel door reinforced with vertical steel bars.
- Opening and closing of lockers by electronic locks. (1 per S locker and 2 per M and XL locker).
- Anti-corrosion epoxy paint (the color must be specified before confirming the order).
- Lockers and electronic control parts are treated against humidity and corrosion.
- Volume per rack: xxx liters.
- Maximum load per rack: 30kg (S), 100kg (M) and 150kg (XL).
- Adjustable feet (Height of the feet adjustable between 40 and 60 mm).
- Optional foot covers.
- Optional locker numbering (By default the lockers are supplied without numbering. Possibility of numbering with adhesives or paint).
- On order only (120 to 150 days).
- The following components are optional: inverter, fire detectors, temperature detectors, connected circuit breakers, powertag for detailed consumption locker by locker and remote access via Schneider Electric application.
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