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SHOPS24-1180 D.A. non réfrigéré avec ascenseur + lecteur CB au choix

SHOPS24-1180 unrefrigerated dispenser with lift

D.A non-refrigerated 6 carpet shelves with elevator LCD screen 5 "CB reader to choose from
Product codes:
SHOP24SUP1180I881908: with Ingenico IUC180B contactless CB reader
SHOP24SUP1180N881908: with Nayax contactless CB reader
SHOP24SUP1180Y881908: with Yoneo contactless CB reader
SHOP24SUP1180V881908: with contactless and contactless CB reader Valina

The SHOPS24SUP1180 vending machine is part of the SHOPS24 multi-ambient vending machine range. With a small footprint of 1180mm, it can be installed in many places. Ideal solution for automatic 24/7 sales of ambient products. Equipped with an elevator, this dispenser is ideal for fragile products in a wide variety of places (stations, subways, universities, factories, offices, hotels, hospitals, etc.). Once the customer's payment has been made, the elevator positions itself at the level of the selected product and gently collects it. SHOPS24SUP1180 dispensers are delivered as standard with 6 spiral or carpet shelves (7th shelf optional). The dispenser can contain up to 70 different product references (10 per shelf).

How to use

Detailed operation of the SHOPS24-1180 vending machine:

  1. Product consultation in the distributor
  2. The customer chooses a product and enters the selection number on the numeric keypad
  3. The amount to be paid is displayed on the screen
  4. Payment of the order by credit card
  5. The elevator picks up the product and places it delicately in the output receptacle
  6. The product exit hatch opens. The customer collects his product.

Option to add a SHOPS24, LOCKERS24 or WENDY24 slave module. Up to 3 slave modules can be added at any time.
ATTENTION: Purchasing decisions of GSI products by customers can only be made on the current characteristics of the products and not on projects under development). For more information please contact GSI.

Key points

Your modular vending machine:

  • With lift
  • 24/7 accessibility.
  • Up to 70 different references per machine.
  • Easy to operate and quick to dispense.
  • Fast filling.
  • Payment by contactless bank cards.


SHOPS24-1180 non-refrigerated dispenser with choice of CB reader:

- 6 carpet shelves with 10 selections per shelf;
- With lift ;
- 5 '' LCD screen;
- Dimension (mm): (L): 1180.2 (D): 855 (H): 1920
- Weight: 350kg Certificate: CE Color: white
- Voltage: 100-240 volts and 50/60 Hz (to be specified when ordering);
- Power consumption: 300 watts
- Robust all-steel metal structure with white epoxy anticorrosion paint;
- Large door, double-glazed tempered glass for optimized product display;
- LED lighting ;
- Supplied with 6 carpet or / and spiral shelves;
- Height adjustable shelves. Possibility of adding a seventh shelf;
- Easy merge of selections up to 4 selections;
- Modular design for easy maintenance;
- Anti-theft product reception hatch;
- Personalization with adhesives possible;
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