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Mini distributeur écran LCD 18 sélections

Mini LCD display dispenser 18 selections

With 18.5 '' LCD screen with credit card reader

Product code: MINIEBBL1818PM832408

Mini spiral dispenser without lift. Perfectly suitable for the sale of small useful products such as hygienic products (tampons, chewable toothpastes, deodorants, dry shampoos, lip balms, nail files, packets of tissues, masks, hydroalcoholic gels, ...), capsules of coffee, ... The dispenser includes 6 shelves and a maximum of 18 selections, a metal keypad to interact with the mini dispenser, an 18.5 '' LCD screen and a coin mechanism without change. Mini dispenser on column.

How to use

1. The product selection is made directly on the keyboard.
2. The customer proceeds to the payment of the product by paying with his bank card.
3. After validation of the payment, the product is distributed.
4. The customer collects the product from the exit hatch.

Key points

  • Quick and easy to get started.
  • Compact model, small footprint.
  • Up to 18 product references.
  • No cash management.


Mini white spiral dispenser for small useful products (no cloud):

- Arrangement on 6 shelves of 3 selections each, that is to say 18 selections.
- Capacity: from 48 to 504 products depending on the size of the products.
- 18.5 '' LCD screen for displaying advertising or product images with prices.
- Metal keyboard.
- (INCLUDED) coin mechanism without change
- Steel construction with anti-corrosion epoxy paint.
- Spiral type shelves.
- Voltage: AC 100 / 240V - 50 / 60HZ.
- External dimensions: (L): 700 x (D): 520 x (H): 1800mm.
- Maximum product dimensions: (L): 60 to 140 x (D): 3 to 60 x (H): 60 to 110 mm.
- No remote cloud management provided.
- On foot.
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