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Kiosque réfrigéré carrousel 40 compartiments

40-compartment refrigerated kiosk

Exhibition carousel with a capacity of 40 baskets. Maximum load per basket 2Kg.

Product code: KIOSKREFRIGERE8204908

Global Service Innovation is pleased to present to you an ideal refrigerated distributor for the sale of all types of fresh products (meats, cold cuts, delicatessen products, cheeses, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, fish, shellfish and seafood, ready meals, etc. ...). Create your automatic store in your image and offer a global service innovation to your customers.

The sale of fresh produce in short circuits is now a matter of course for all artisans who wish to develop their activities. The refrigerated store can be installed anywhere, indoors or outdoors, car parks, busy highways, factory exits, airports, shopping centers, hospitals, village squares, etc ... and is made in France. It offers an availability of butcher's, catered, market gardeners, groceries, oyster farmers ... as close as possible to customer needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ideal for craftsmen and professionals wishing to sell fresh products at new points of sale and without time constraints. The refrigerated store, designed for outdoor or indoor use, will find its place as close as possible to customer needs and will therefore increase your sales and profits. The automatic warehouse, with its carousel with a capacity of 40 compartments and its window, offers a beautiful exhibition area and great visibility of your products. This distributor controls a cooling unit and a controlled temperature of 4 ° to 15 °.
In our STORE, the products are presented as in the window, highlighted in the packaging desired by the operator and never damaged to allow the customer to appreciate the work of the craftsman.

How to use

Very simple process:

  1. 2 possible selection zones (left or right) with 40 different prices possible.
  2. The customer scrolls through the carousel to view the products. He places the chosen product in the selection zone and validates his choice.
  3. The customer pays by contactless bank card or by currency,
  4. The selected hatch unlocks and the customer retrieves his product.
  5. The hatch closes automatically once the operation is complete.

Key points

  • Robust and great ease of use of the dispenser and the setting of prices.
  • Setting of 40 different prices / 40 different locations.
  • Sleek design, aesthetic showcase for greater product visibility.
  • The product is respected by our distributor. The customer takes the product in hand.
  • The product is never thrown away, damaged or poorly displayed in our KIOSK DAPS.`
  • Distributor isolated and controlled by a cooling unit. It manages a controlled temperature of 4 to 15 ° C.
  • Very large storage capacity to limit replenishment of the dispenser with 40 compartments (and 40 different prices).
  • Remote management via the NAYAX CB reader.
  • Easy access for outdoor or indoor customers. Open 24 hours a day - 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Low cost per point of sale.
  • Payment by coins and / or contactless bank card.
  • Personalization of DAPS dispensers by total adhesive, paint or stickers.
  • French made.


Refrigerated carousel kiosk with 40 compartments - Fresh produce dispenser. Ideal for dairy products (milk, cheeses, yogurts), oysters, sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, meal trays, cakes, ready meals, meats, sausages, cold cuts ...
- Exhibition carousel with a capacity of 40 compartments (and 40 different prices).
- Dimensions of a compartment: Height 130mm / depth 210mm width 400mm.
- In a single compartment, several products can be placed.
- The compartments are flat for a great stability of the products.
- Beautiful exhibition area, great visibility and LED lighting of the products.
- Outer structure of the distributor in steel with a polyester paint finish.
- Structure of the compartments in 304 stainless steel.
- Dimensions of the dispenser: Height 2100mm / depth 900m / width 1400mm (see product outline drawing).
- Dispenser on 4 stainless steel feet with a 70mm diameter rubber base and adjustable in height that can be adapted to various floor surfaces. Handling by simple pallet truck.
- Distributor isolated and controlled by a cooling unit. It manages a controlled temperature of 4 ° to 15 ° both outdoors and indoors.
- Independent and protected electrical panel with easy access for maintenance.
- Electrical outlet available in the dispenser to facilitate interior cleaning with vacuum cleaner.
- Electric power of the distributor 220V - 1500W.
- Weight: 550kg.
- 220V power supply, with differential on the counter of 16A.
- Power consumption: 80 W / H
- Distributor connected by GSM (a simple power supply is sufficient, connectivity is via the 4G telephone network).
- Designed for outdoor and indoor use without any additional protection against rain, snow, sun. Warning: outdoors, in summer, the machine must be shaded to prevent freezing of the refrigeration system.
- NAYAX payment system: CB, contactless and coin mechanism included. Remote distributor management by application (stocks, sales, anomalies, etc.).
- Automatic dispenser that can be completely personalized with adhesives, paint, stickers.
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