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GESMATIK - Distributeur automatique HELIX070

PPE vending machines HELIX070

Modular 700mm PPE automatic dispenser to configure.

Product code: GESMATIKHELIX0822458

The HELIX070 automatic PPE dispenser is an alternative and practical solution for the storage and distribution of personal protective equipment. It is equipped with a brand new extraction system (Patented by Vending Modular), which allows products to be supplied up to an infinite date and to receive other equipment existing on the market. The HELIX range vending machines have been designed to control consumables and avoid overconsumption. Its modular system adapts to customer needs very easily.

Robustness, reliability, adaptability and low cost are the pillars on which the development of the machine is based. Its innovative patented replenishment system allows for great savings in loading times, making HELIX the best solution on the market. The range consists of two modules of 700 and 1150 mm, with a maximum capacity of 5,400 and 9,900 articles respectively. Included with the GESMATIK fast charging system, allowing multiple products to be loaded at the same time, restocking times are reduced to a minimum.

HELIX dispensers are controlled by the GESMATIK control console and can be combined with intelligent locker modules from the BOX range. The most common products managed by HELIX distributors include personal protective equipment, tools, office equipment and sanitary products, used in companies, factories, offices, hospitals, public institutions ...

How to use

Customer processes:

1. The customer identifies himself on the console with his badge or by entering his access code, then chooses the product (s) he needs.
2. The controller dispenses the product (s).
3. The customer collects the product (s) in the exit airlock.

Administrator processes:
Product configuration:

1. The administrator informs the product characteristics and the out-of-stock alert thresholds.
2. The administrator chooses the types of distribution (with worm, spiral or with pusher).
3. The administrator completes the selections and performs the distribution tests.
4. Once validated by the administrator, the products are available for distribution.

Key points

  • Reliable, large capacity, modular and robust system.
    Consumption savings: discourages users from improper and uncontrolled use of consumables.
    Possibility to restrict or limit the products supplied to employees.
    In practice, savings of over 30%.
    Consumption Management: Know all the information on when, by whom and what products were supplied with just one click. (A computerized record records that the user has received the personal protective equipment).
    Savings in processes: Eliminate the time spent on tasks such as managing orders, inventories and deliveries of consumables.
    Management of out-of-stock alerts: The consumables supplier is connected online to the machine and knows when he must restock the distributor with products (Generation of consumption reports, management of orders, definition of alarm thresholds).
    Access to products 24 hours a day - 365 days a year: No need to call on a store manager, The products are accessible without interruption, in accordance with the law on risk prevention. No more time lost by the manager and the user in the delivery of material or personal protective equipment.


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