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GESMATIK - Module 5 colonnes modulables BOX

PPE - 5 column module

BOX - 5 modular locker columns to configure

Product code: GESMATIKBOX05C848558

The modular locker systems of the BOX range from GESMATIK allow you to compose a set of intelligent lockers that meet your needs. Available in 3 sizes of 3, 4 and 5 columns.
Each column can accommodate up to 9 small compartments or 5 medium compartments or 3 large compartments or a mixture of different sizes of compartments (the compartments are to be chosen separately).

Robustness, reliability, adaptability and low cost are the pillars on which the development of the machine is based. Each rack can accommodate products up to 10 kg.

How to use

Customer processes:

1. The customer identifies himself on the console with his badge or by entering his access code, then chooses the product (s) he needs.
2. A locker door opens.
3. The customer collects his product and closes the door.

Administrator processes:
Product configuration:

1. The administrator informs the product characteristics and the out-of-stock alert thresholds.
2. The administrator / supplier fills the lockers with the correct products and closes the doors.
3. The administrator carries out the locker opening test.
4. Once validated by the administrator, the products are available for distribution.

Key points

  • Reliable, large capacity, modular and robust system.
  • Consumption savings: discourages users from improper and uncontrolled use of consumables. Possibility to restrict or limit the products supplied to employees. In practice, savings of over 30%.
  • Consumption management: Know all the information on when, by whom and which products were supplied with a single click (A computerized file records that the user has received the personal protective equipment).
  • Savings in processes: Eliminate the time spent on tasks such as managing orders, inventories and deliveries of consumables.
  • Management of out-of-stock alerts: The consumables supplier is connected online to the machine and knows when he must restock the distributor with products (Generation of consumption reports, management of orders, definition of alarm thresholds).
  • Access to products 24 hours a day - 365 days a year: No need to call on a store manager, The products are accessible without interruption, in accordance with the law on risk prevention.
  • No more time lost by the manager and the user in the delivery of material or personal protective equipment.


GESMATIK - Set of 5 modular locker columns:
- Ideal for the distribution of various products.
- Each column can accommodate up to 9 small compartments or 5 medium compartments or 3 large compartments or a mixture of different sizes of compartments, i.e. a maximum number of 45 compartments (the compartments are to be chosen separately).
- External dimensions (mm): (L) 1150 x (D) 700 x (H) 1950.
- Internal dimensions of each column (mm): (L) 130 x (D) 650 x (H) 1590.
- Net weight: 160 Kg.
- European manufacturing (Spain).
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