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Restaurant automatique FOOD24 + lecteur CB au choix

FOOD24 automatic restaurant + choice of CB reader

24-hour fresh and hot cooked meals vending machine (glass door)

Product codes:
FOOD24T21VTABI8199908 + Ingenico IUC180B contactless CB reader included
FOOD24T21VTABN8199908 + Nayax contactless CB reader included
FOOD24T21VTABY8199908 + Yoneo contactless CB reader included
FOOD24T21VTABV8209908 + CB reader with and without Valina contact included

The 24/7 automatic restaurant as you imagined. The FOOD24 hot and cold ready-to-eat vending machines, with 8 modular shelves, are the automatic catering solutions you have been waiting for. Ideal solution for caterers, restaurateurs who wish to offer cooked meals, soups and various quality snacks in places where qualitative catering needs are requested (stations, subways, universities, factories, offices, etc.).

The FOOD24 and FOOD24MAX vending machines are compact solutions for vending machines for fresh and hot cooked meals. The FOOD24 and FOOD24MAX ready-meals dispensers will delight customers looking for fast but high-quality catering solutions.

Simple operation and quick reheating: the customer chooses one or two ready-made meals of his choice on the touch screen and proceeds to payment by bank card. The robotic arm of the FOOD24 dispenser conveys the dishes into one of two professional double magnetron microwaves. The dishes are reheated in less than a minute. The FOOD24MAX version with its additional refrigerated model makes it possible to offer complete menus (cold drinks, various cold starters, pastries, cheeses, fruits, sauces and cutlery).

Eating better from a vending machine is no longer a dream but a reality with the restaurants FOOD24 and FOOD24MAX.

The INGENICO IUC-180 contactless credit card readers and Valina contactless and contactless credit cards accept payments by restaurant voucher cards.

How to use

A large 21.5-inch touchscreen allows customers to view the contents of the FOOD24 automatic restaurant. Before any interaction, communicate with images, slideshows and videos on the touchscreen. Once the screen has been touched by the customer, the menu appears.

Detailed operation of the FOOD24 automatic restaurant:

  1. Consultation of cooked dishes.
  2. Selection of one or two ready meals.
  3. The customer has 10 seconds to choose whether or not to reheat the cooked meals. Without customer decision, the dish is reheated by default).
  4. Payment of the order by bank card or restaurant ticket card on the INGENICO IUC 180 reader.
  5. The robotic arm of the FOOD24 dispenser conveys the cooked meals in the microwaves airlock.
  6. The dishes are reheated according to the times programmed by the administrator of the dispenser (On average from 50 to 75 seconds depending on the dimensions of the trays and the contents of the prepared meals).
  7. Distribution of cooked meals in the microwaves outlets.

Enjoy your meal :-)
Option: addition of a slave module for fresh products: Combine a SHOPS24-930 module and offer a complete menu with drinks, salads and other cold starters, various desserts (cheeses, yogurts, pastries, fruits ... as well as sauces and kits cutlery and towels). For more information, see the product sheet for the SHOPS24-930 model with lift or ask your GSI sales representative for advice.a

Key points

Your modular automatic restaurant:

  • 24/7 accessibility.
  • Wide choice of cooked dishes to reheat or not.
  • Simple operation and quick distribution of ready meals.
  • Fast filling.
  • Remote inventory control and management.
  • Remote cold chain control.
  • Large touch screen, vector of communication.
  • Payment by bank cards (and optional meal voucher cards)


1 FOOD24 vending machine + choice of bank card reader

- Vending machine for fresh and hot cooked meals included
- Storage capacity between 80 and 120 fresh cooked dishes from 2 ° C to 12 ° C depending on the size of the dishes.
- 8 modular conveyor belt shelves. Robotic arm allowing the routing of products to the microwave airlock.
- Dispenser compatible with a large choice of ready meals and trays.
- Professional microwave oven with 2 magnetrons of 1000 watts each, with customizable cooking times to bring out all the characteristics and flavors of the recipes.
- Heats fresh products in less than a minute (eg 250g tray); automatic programming.
- Management of the cold chain with historical storage of temperatures which can be exported in spreadsheet format in the event of a health check.
- Online stock management on the GSI24 Cloud
- Steel construction with anticorrosion protection and epoxy paint.
- 21.5-inch touch screen for displaying the names, photos and detailed descriptions of the products, highlighting any allergens and Nutri-scores.
- External dimensions (mm): Width 1560 x Depth 940 x Height 1920.
- Maximum dimensions of the prepared meal trays (mm): Length 230 x width 190 x height 50 (it is possible to have a maximum height of 100 mm).
- Gross weight of the distributor 340kg. Delivered on a pallet (wooden case).
- Cooling unit with EMBRACO brand compressor. Refrigerant gas R134a.
- Remote access via cloud menu access in French: product creation, sales statistics, advertising management (optional).
- Dispenser designed for indoor use. Provide suitable shelter for outdoor use.
- Voltage: 50Hz - 220V single phase 16A.
- On casters (optional adjustable version)
- 1 year warranty from the date of delivery. CE, COC certification.
- Comes with a security camera above the touchscreen.
- Customization with optional adhesives possible
- Optional receipt printer
- Optional inverter
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