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GSI DRIVE - Console écran tactile 21,5 pouces + 7 casiers (P: 550mm)

GSI DRIVE - 21.5 inch touch screen console + 7 compartments (P: 550mm)

The upgradeable console: 21.5-inch touch screen, QR code reader + 7 lockers.

Product code: GSIDRIVE21T07A897908

This master module from the GSI DRIVE range with 21.5 '' touchscreen is a great communication vector. The 7 ambient racks allow end users to collect 44 x 52 x 20 cm products in 2 racks and 44 x 52 x 44 cm in 5 racks. This module is ideal for depositing small and medium-sized parcels.

On the same site, a master module with Android control console can control up to 13 locker modules, i.e. several hundred lockers. The GSI DRIVE range allows you to combine racks for ambient, fresh and frozen products.

The modularity and the large choice of standard or custom-made lockers will allow you to develop your installation according to the needs of your activity.

How to use

Delivery man / storekeeper access:

1. The delivery person / storekeeper must identify himself on the master console to be able to access the locker module.
2. The delivery person / storekeeper stores the product (s) in the locker and closes the door.

Client access:

1. The customer enters his order pick-up code received by email or sms.
2. The locker opens.
3. The customer collects his order and closes the door.

Key points

  • Control console with on-site or remote access via cloud access.
  • Large touch screen.
  • Design for outdoor use.
  • Quick installation and handling.
  • Electronic strike locks.
  • Painting and customization according to specifications.
  • Robust and durable.
  • Remote locker status and management via cloud access.
  • Possibility to connect up to 13 slave modules on a console


21.5 '' touch screen control console module + 7 compartments.
- 1mm thick steel structure. 1.2mm steel door.
- 21.5 '' touch screen, 1 barcode / QR code reader and a private card reader.
- External dimensions: (L): 1100 (D): 550 (H): 2020.
- Dimensions of the 2 small compartments: (L): 440 (P): 520 (H): 200.
- Dimensions of the 5 large lockers: (L): 440 (P): 520 (H): 452.
- Gross weight: 260kg. Net weight: 220kg
- Certificate: CE.
- Voltage: 100-240 volts and 50/60 Hz (to be specified when ordering).

Other characteristics:
- Android operating system.
- Ethernet support.
- Sound speakers.
- Cloud connection via 3G / 4G or WIFI. Allows remote control of lockers (opening, locking, unlocking, remote locker reservation).
- Epoxy paint with anti-corrosion treatment.
- Adjustable feet from 40 to 80mm.
- RFID reader and name cards (optional)
- LED exterior light bar located at the top of the module (optional)
- 1 Led inside each locker (optional)
- 1000VA inverter (optional)
- Sets of 2 surveillance cameras and 1Tb hard drive for video surveillance (optional)
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