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FROZEN24 - D.A. de produits surgelés  + lecteur CB au choix

FROZEN24 - Automatic frozen food dispenser + choice of CB reader (glass door)

Automatic vending machine for frozen and fresh products with glass door 24/24

Product codes:
FROZEN24VBTBRI8188908 + Ingenico IUC180B contactless CB reader
FROZEN24VBTBRN8188908 + Nayax contactless CB reader
FROZEN24VBTBRY8188908 + Yoneo contactless CB reader
FROZEN24VBTBRV8198908 + CB reader with and without contact Valina

The 24/7 automatic store as you imagined. The FROZEN24 frozen food vending machines, with 6 modular shelves (optional 7th shelf) and lift, allow you to distribute a wide variety of small and medium-sized products. FROZEN24 automatic warehouses can offer up to 63 different product references. The product exit airlock is located at breast height (PMR accessibility standard for people with reduced mobility).
Ideal solution for the distribution of ice cream and other frozen products in a wide variety of places.

Emergency frozen food vending machines are no longer a dream but a reality with FROZEN24 vending machines.

How to use

A large 21.5 inch touch screen allows customers to view the contents of the FROZEN24 automatic warehouse. Before any interaction, communicate with images, slideshows and videos on the touchscreen. Once the screen has been touched by the customer, the menu appears.

Detailed operation of FROZEN24 automatic warehouses

  1. Product consultation.
  2. Selection of one or more products.
  3. Payment of the order by contactless bank card.
  4. The elevator with conveyor belt from the FROZEN24 distributor transports the product (s) purchased to the exit SAS. In the event of multiple purchases, the products are dispatched one after the other.
CAUTION: Decisions to lease GSI products by customers can only be made on the characteristics of current products and not on projects under development.

Key points

Your modular automatic warehouse:

  • 24/7 accessibility.
  • Android environment.
  • Up to 63 different references per machine.
  • Easy to operate and quick to dispense.
  • Quick and easy replenishment.
  • Large touch screen, vector of communication.
  • Remote inventory control and management.
  • Remote cold chain control.
  • Configuration of out of stock alerts.
  • Configuration of abnormal temperature alerts.
  • Distribution of products in an airlock at human height (PMR standard).


FROZEN24 automatic warehouse with choice of bank card reader

- Robust all-steel metal structure with white epoxy anticorrosion paint.
- Large product storage capacity.
- With multi-temperature refrigeration system frozen, fresh and heating (-25 ° C) or (0- 4 ° C) or (2 ~ 40 ° C).
- 6 shelves with rugs (spirals or mix of rugs and spirals to be validated before ordering), adjustable in height with 9 selections per shelf (7th shelf optional).
- With elevator with conveyor belt 180mm wide by 835mm long.
- 21.5-inch touch screen for displaying the names, photos and detailed descriptions of the products, highlighting any allergens and Nutri-scores.
- QR code reader and 1 security camera included.
- Product exit hatch at human height, PMR standard (accessibility for people with reduced mobility).
- Programmable LED lighting.
- Management of the cold chain with historical storage of temperatures which can be exported in Excel format in the event of a health check.
- Online inventory management. Possibility of setting up out of stock alerts.
- Dimensions (mm): (L): 1470 (D): 1020 (H): 1920.
- Net weight of the distributor 460kg. Delivered on a pallet (wooden case).
- Insulation of the storage of fresh products with 80mm thick polyurethane foam panels.
- White colour.
- Voltage: 100-240 volts and 50/60 Hz (to be specified when ordering) 25 Amps maximum.
- Power consumption: 600 watts.
- Mounted on 4 castors
- Large door, double-glazed tempered glass for optimized product display.
- Anti-condensation heated double glazing. Prevents condensation from forming on the windows.
- Embraco brand compressor with R449a refrigerant gas (LE R449A (OPTEON® XP40) is a mixture of HFO and HFC refrigerants that do not deplete the ozone layer and have low GWP (1397), intended to replace R-404A) .
- Easy merging of selections up to 9 merged mats.
- Modular design for easy maintenance.
- Personalization with adhesives possible.
- Optional receipt printer.
- Parts warranty 1 year from the date of delivery. Before dispatching the FROZEN24 dispensers, training is provided to the customer in the premises of Global Service Innovation or its partners on the operation of the automatic dispenser, the adjustment of the shelves, the change of electronic boards and wear parts. Cloud licenses are activated at the end of the training.

PLEASE NOTE: Leasing decisions of GSI products by customers must be made on the characteristics of the products and not on the projects under development.
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