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SHOPS24-1322 distributeur de CBD

SHOPS24-1322 CBD vending machines

D.A refrigerated 6 shelves carpet with elevator 21.5 "touch screen Nayax CB reader and ID scanner

Product code: SHOP24TOP1322N8132808 + Nayax contactless CB reader included

Refrigerated dispenser with conveyor lift and / or spirals 60 or 70 selections with touch screen
Perfect for the sale of small CBD products (oils, candies, e-liquid, flowers ...). The dispenser includes 6 shelves with 10 selections each (optional 7th shelf), a keypad for product selection, a NAYAX CB reader and an ID scanner.

How to use

Detailed Operation of SHOPS24-1322 CBD Vending Machine:

  1. I consult the products in the dispenser and / or on the touch screen.
  2. I choose a product and enter the selection number on the keyboard.
  3. The amount to be paid is displayed on the screen.
  4. I scan my ID.
  5. I pay by credit card.
  6. The elevator picks up the product and places it delicately in the output receptacle.
  7. The product exit hatch opens. I get my product back.

Key points

  • Your modular vending machine.
  • With 21.5 '' touchscreen.
  • With ID card reader.
  • Optional sale and order pick-up functions.
  • With lift. Ideal for fragile products.
  • 24/7 accessibility.
  • Up to 70 different references per machine.
  • Easy to operate and quick to dispense.
  • Fast filling.
  • Payment by contactless bank cards.
  • ID scanner


SHOPS24-1322 refrigerated dispenser with Ingenico IUC180 contactless CB reader.
Remote access function via Cloud.
- 6 carpet shelves, adjustable in height with 10 selections per shelf (7th shelf optional);
- Identity document scanner.
- With elevator, 21.5 '' touch screen, QR code reader. Programmable LED lighting;
- Configurable out of stock alerts on the cloud platform
- Dimension (mm): (L): 1322 (D): 855 (H): 1920;
- Net weight: 360kg. Gross weight: 410kg. Certificate: CE Color: white;
- Voltage: 100-240 volts and 50/60 Hz (to be specified when ordering). Power consumption: 685 watts;
- Robust all-steel metal structure with white epoxy anticorrosion paint;
- Large door, double-glazed tempered glass for optimized product display. Anti-condensation heated double glazing. Prevents condensation from forming on the windows.
- With refrigeration and heating system (2 ~ 40 ° C). Compressor brand Embraco with R134a refrigerant gas;
- Injected with polyurethane foam all over the machine, perfect insulation and energy savings;
- Easy merging of selections up to 4 merged mats;
- Modular design for easy maintenance;
- Anti-theft product reception hatch;
- Personalization with adhesives possible.
- Camera installation inside the optional dispenser.
- An inverter must be installed on the distributor for protection against micro-cuts and overvoltages.
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