Our products

Automatic shops and restaurants,
Clic & Collect drive lockers and smart car parks

COVID19 range mask dispensers
Vending machines of sanitary products (Masks, gels, gloves ...)
CBD vending machines
The vending machines for resins, oils, candies, etc, ... with identity document scanner
cigarret electronic
PPE distributor - GESMATIK range
Personal protective equipment vending machines
Examples of Drive - Click & Collect lockers
Click and Collect lockers 24 hours a day for various ambient products
Custom Drive - Click & Collect lockers
Make your own Click & Collect for ambient and refrigerated products
ROBOMAT24 multi-product dispenser
Modular 24-hour automatic store / grocery store with robotic arm
Hot food dispenser FOOD24 range
24 hour automatic restaurant
Your hot menu in less than a minute
Vending machines elevator with ROBOMAT24 conveyor belt
Automatic warehouse with conveyor belt elevator (refrigerated or not)
Snack dispenser SHOPS24 range
24-hour multi-product vending machines with or without lift
Ice cream dispenser FROZEN24 range
Modular 24-hour vending machine with conveyor belt lift
Automatic lockers LOCKERS24 and WENDY24

Economic lockers 24 hours a day for ambient and refrigerated products

Mini ambient vending machines
Mini distributors 24/24 of useful products (with Cloud access)
Small distributors MINI SHOPS24 range
Mini distributors 24/24 of useful products (without Cloud access)
Flower dispenser FLORES range
24 hour flower vending machines
Lockers for scooters and bikes SMARTPARK
SMARTPARK - smart car parks for bicycles and new urban mobility
Distributeur de pain Kiosque de boulangerie
Ideal for baguettes and pastries. Maximum capacity 288 baguettes
Refrigerated kiosks with carousel 40 lockers
Exhibition carousel with a capacity of 40 baskets. Max load per basket 2Kg.
Miscellaneous (transport, training, commissioning, maintenance contract)
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