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Supplier of innovative vending machines, our company is able to design, produce and distribute solutions for innovative vending machines and automatic lockers.
Our unique multiple automated warehouse solutions cover almost all business sectors.
Didn't you imagine it? We do it for you and offer you the best solutions adapted to your specifications.
Some examples of corporations: GSA, GSB, food trades, florists, the Post Office, airports, banks, beaches and lakes, agriculture, stores and sports centers, shopping centers, cinemas and much more ... Manage your site through interconnection on our referenced platform.

About ASU

Automatic shops and restaurants,
Clic & Collect drive lockers and smart car parks

In order to meet the growing demands for 24-hour service from consumers, GSI-France has specialized in the creation, manufacture, sale and rental of multi-product vending machines, Drive Click & Collect lockers and smart car parks for urban mobility.

Distributeur automatique de gels hydroalcoolique et masques
Vending machines of sanitary products (Masks, gels, gloves ...)
Distributeur automatique de CBD
The vending machines for resins, oils, candies, etc, ... with identity document scanner
Distributeur automatique de cigarettes électronique
PPE automatic dispensers
Personal protective equipment vending machines
Exemple de drive
Click and Collect lockers 24 hours a day for various ambient products
Casiers drive Click&Collect
Make your own Click & Collect for ambient and refrigerated products
Distributeurs automatiques de plats cuisinés
Modular 24-hour automatic store / grocery store with robotic arm
Distributeurs automatiques de plats réchauffés
24 hour automatic restaurant
Your hot menu in less than a minute
ROBOMAT24 avec ascenseur à tapis
Automatic warehouse with conveyor belt elevator (refrigerated or not)
Distributeurs automatiques avec ou sans ascenseur SHOPS24
24-hour multi-product vending machines with or without lift
Distributeurs automatiques de produits surgelés
Modular 24-hour vending machine with conveyor belt lift
Casiers automatiques ambiants et réfrigérés

Economic lockers 24 hours a day for ambient and refrigerated products

Petits distributeurs automatiques multiproduits
Mini distributors 24/24 of useful products (with Cloud access)
Mini distributeurs automatiques multiproduits
Mini distributors 24/24 of useful products (without Cloud access)
Distributeurs de bouquets de fleurs
24 hour flower vending machines
Parkings intelligents pour mobilités urbaines
SMARTPARK - smart car parks for bicycles and new urban mobility
Distributeurs automatiques de pains et viennoiseries
Ideal for baguettes and pastries. Maximum capacity 288 baguettes
Kiosques réfrigérés à carrousel
Exhibition carousel with a capacity of 40 baskets. Max load per basket 2Kg.
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At GSI-France, the relationship and satisfaction of our customers are at the heart of our concerns. We make a point of responding to each request from our customers in less than 24/48 hours. Whether you are a large or a small structure, we are committed to supporting you throughout your project. To date, many customers trust us! So why not you ?

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